About taylor

Young, ebullient, and an Elon University alumnus, Taylor is in her fourth year in the workforce with an English degree and Marketing minor, having also studied French and Italian. With work experience in Marketing and PR, she pursues a workplace of high energy, growth, and opportunity. Taylor seeks opportunities to create content for her clients, bringing life and a voice to their stories.

With a natural curiosity, she thrives in highly interactive settings, pursuing global travel to bring the highest quality of content to life. Taylor believes life is made for decoration, and expression through personal style transcends every angle of life. Three words to describe her?  Adaptable, curious, driven.

Taylor worked recently in the healthcare industry as a PR specialist. She’s also worked in London, England, interning for the Features Desk for Women's Health magazine at Hearst's UK office. She currently lives in Washington, DC, working in events and marketing for a law firm.


What Others Say:

Taylor joined the Exhibit A team as a writer/contributor in Spring of 2018. Within just one month with us, I noticed what an incredible talent she had for writing and editorial direction. Therefore, I quickly promoted her as editor of our Life & Culture section. She has since brought so many creative, clever, and quality pitches to the table. Taylor is a very fast learner, always motivated, and always makes it a point to go the extra mile. She never limits herself to just what is expected of her. She goes above and beyond, and does it with a great deal of class and grace.

“Taylor is the perfect fit for a company looking for an honest, hardworking, and very smart employee. She is a true team player, but also very much a leader. She is a well cultured, kind, and respectful woman, making her a top notch role model.

“Needless to say, we are very fond of Taylor, and know with complete certainty, that if she is hired by you, you’ll also have the same wonderful things to say about her.

“If you have any questions at all, you may contact me at charlene@LKloset.com.”

-Charlene Lazewski, Managing Editor of Exhibit A of Lindsey’s Kloset (2019)

"Of all the interns I’ve worked with over the years, Taylor remains a standout – and outstanding – example. For me, the ideal magazine intern is someone who handles the rudimentary tasks with competence and enthusiasm while showing the talent and potential to tackle more exciting content. Taylor excelled at both ends of the spectrum.

“From running errands to completing research to contacting readers, Taylor approached every task with the same zeal and proficiency. She truly listened to what was required of her, then did whatever was requested in an efficient and timely manner. The best bit – she did it all with a smile on her face and a genuine wish to help.

“In terms of journalistic skills, her writing showed talent and flair, and an ability to shape content for the audience in question. She understood what made a Women’s Health story and pitched good ideas both for the print and digital. She received feedback well and acted upon it. She seemed to relish the learning process.

“Sometimes an intern can become more of a burden than a benefit to the features team. This was certainly not the case with Taylor. In the time that she was with us she added real value and if there had been an opportunity to offer her full time employment I would have done so in a heartbeat.

“As far as I’m concerned, Taylor showed every trait you’d want to see in a new employee and I can only imagine her being an asset to any organisation she joins."

- Katie Mulloy, then-editor of Women's Health UK (2017)


"[Team] Purple’s shout-out this week goes to Taylor Logeman! Taylor has always been eager to learn and grow, but she’s definitely been stepping it up lately. She never shies away from taking on difficult tasks and doesn’t hesitate to ask questions in order to expand her understanding of our tools and processes. Her upbeat personality and positive work ethic make her a great asset to our team! Thanks, Taylor!"

- Emily Counts and Kimberly Cobb, then-Team Leads for Sales Support at Cisco Systems (2016)


"Taylor has worked for Mill Point Catering at Elon University for several years and is an exemplary employee. I often assign Taylor to our most VIP functions as she is excellent at interacting with a variety of clientele. She is professional, confident, mature and memorable.

“I have never seen her without a smile on her face and consequently always makes a great impression on our guests. With her interpersonal, leadership, and organizational skills, Taylor will be a great fit at your company. I strongly recommend that you hire her, as she will be as great an asset to your team as she has been to ours."

-  Caitlin McKelvey, then-Catering Manager at Mill Point Catering (2015)


Taylor’s natural curiosity and self-motivation were obvious when she sought an implementation role with Elon University’s Office of Commencement. While working in such time-intensive and high-contact environments, many young professionals demonstrate their true attributes and character. An outstanding staff member, Taylor completes assignments with savvy, poise and purpose. She is a quality employee who will consistently excel and merit increased responsibility."

- Patti Gibbons, Cultural Arts Agent at Elon University (2014)


"Taylor brings a spark to her work that is greatly appreciated by her colleagues and classmates. She shows enthusiasm for all her assignments, no matter how significant. I am continually impressed by the confidence and charm she brings to her presentations; many people could benefit from adopting Taylor's public speaking style. Her work is highly competent, insightful, and organic. I look forward to watching Taylor grow as a professional in her chosen field."

- Miranda Allan, Grants & Administrative Associate, Housing Families Inc. (2014)


"During Taylor's time with Record Storage Depot/Shred Depot she demonstrated a good work ethic and interpersonal skills. Each week we outlined a scope of work to be completed, and she successfully completed that work in the time requested. 

“With Taylor's success with smaller tasks, she was asked to assist on a client project with other employees and excelled. The teams members that she worked with mentioned how diligent and helpful she was to assist in its completion."

- JP Ruppe, then-Marketing & Operations Manager at Record Storage Depot/Shred Depot (2013)