what are your specialties?

Writing and editing. I studied professional writing in school and have spent years honing my written skills and style. My client work spans a range of styles, but my strengths lie in the creative: fashion, beauty, and lifestyle pieces.

How much do you charge for services?

If you’d like to partner for content help - content creation or editorial work - please contact me at taylorlogeman@gmail.com to discuss pricing.

How do you develop new content?

In my case, global travel is a business investment. Inspiration is rich and everywhere in new locations, so I pursue travels whenever possible. If you are interested in purchasing my services for travel content, I will plan accordingly to partner with clients on a project.


Do you photograph?

I’m always learning. I love photography and shoot the most when traveling or collabing for a style shoot. I edit my photos using Lightroom and am experimenting with presets. Collaborating is fantastic because I’m always honing my skills.

Do you travel for client work?

I’m currently located in Washington, DC, but client location is absolutely flexible.

how are you to work with

I’m lots fun to work with! Let’s see if we’re a match.