Gift Guide: Birthdays, Engagements, and Baby Showers, Oh MY!

Lately I’ve been on a determined track to be that person who remembers everyone’s birthdays, with a gift ready behind my back to surprise them! I absolutely love giving presents, and because it’s a challenge to keep in touch with friends who now live far away, sending them something small from far away means an awful lot (I would know, because my friends are amazing and thoughtful and do this for me!!)

So blame it on the incoming warm weather and the cherry blossoms upon us in DC, but I’m feeling inspired to spread joy to my pals and loved ones. I hope this list makes it easier for you to shop for those you call your people!

Edible: Macaroons might be a tad pricey, but only a few can be an incredibly touching gesture and appropriately feminine for female-popular celebrations like bachelorette gatherings or baby showers.

Wearable: I’ve got a few discount codes from a few brands I’ve been enjoying lately.

Readable: My suggestions for sweet, kind, and heartfelt reads for your girlfriends: 100 Days to Brave by Annie F. Downs, Perfectly Unique (also by AFD, and only $2.99 for Kindle!), and Restless by Jennie Allen.

Journeyable: Last Christmas I gave my family gift cards to Airbnb and they loved it. The gift of a special experience in the form of a trip is truly touching - whether the gift giver is with you on your trip or not, you forever get to associate that wonderful friends with your new memories because it was them who made it happen! For a discount code to Airbnb first time users, I have one for you here.

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