Thoughts for a Snow Day


Such sweet joy these snow days have been!! A lot of us have had three days off work now this season due to inclement wintry weather. I spent one of them sledding down the lawn of the Capitol Building with one of my buddies (holler to our shredding, TO!!)

In the beginning of winter, I’m always excited for the first snow. I’ve had enough gradual transition to remember my gloves/hat/scarf trifecta, and as soon as it starts ya girl is the first one to pop into the street and feel those first few dainty flakes on my nose.

But then without fail, every year, each season reaches its turning point, doesn’t it? Shivering becomes more of a workout than we’d like, getting caught in the snow is no longer fun and often means either a pricey Uber home or a long and frigid walk home. And forgetting or remembering your gloves is that thin line between a good night and a real unfortunate circumstance.

That said though, I think snow represents a really beautiful perspective on finding the good amidst the harsh and unforgiving. In its early stages, it’s soft, delicate, and dainty, quietly bringing beauty to an otherwise unfavorable climate for creatures of our comfort level. “White as snow” is a timeless moniker for a reason. It’s breathtaking, to gaze on a blanket of untouched snow, smooth, delicate, perfect.

How else could we open our eyes to receive more blessings, regardless of their size or volume! When’s the last time we jumped in a puddle just to hear the satisfying sound of “Splash!” Or ate a plate full of homemade chocolate chip pancakes without thinking about how much sugar must be in them? Or read an awesome book simply because we enjoy to, without feeling guilt over “not being productive”? What small happy times could we learn to both indulge and savor in seasons that are so easy to poo-poo because we hear everyone else doing it (winter, Mondays, in-laws visits, the workplace, etc.)?

Snow is wonderful. Fridays are awesome. But may we remember that so many other things are, too - be they the bit of honey in your tea cup or the bright sun melting the snow as we head into April.

Taylor LogemanComment