Halloween for the Hermit: 4 Things to Do If You’re Not Tryna Turn Up


Thanks to social media, we can traipse through everyone’s Halloween jaunty romps and know where they went, how drunk they got, and - most importantly - what they wore (“Insta-ntly”...Done with the bad jokes now ‘k thanks bye...) Given our age and the modern way of celebrating Halloween, are we doomed to either succumb to the drunken festivities surrounded by our fellow woman dressed as un-ironically sexy kittens, and sexy sharks, and sexy candlesticks, and sexy whatever-the-last-box-office-movie-character-everyone-wants-to-dress-up-as...or do we yield to our ever-present desire to crawl into the depths of our bed covers only to emerge once all chances of having fun on Halloween have already passed once again?

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Taylor LogemanComment