Tried It, and This Happened: Aspiring Yogi Does Hot Yoga for the First Time

As a full-time 9-5er (which often ends up looking more like 7-7-er it’s fine), happily living the city life and as a result spending upwards of fourteen hours or longer out of the house, you may safely categorize me as a “busy” person. And thusly and therefore, when I do finally get to deny certain obligations outside of earning my living and remain in my dwelling place of choice, you may often find me buried in my Sherpa blanket, surrounded by food packaging of varying sorts, a haphazardly strewn book, a dead laptop (with its charger mate justtt out of reach), and an exhaustion so dire and drastic that I wonder with equal parts bafflement and terror how I’ll muster the energy to face the outside world once again. 

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Taylor LogemanComment