FOMO is Real...But is It Ruining Your Life?


“You can sleep when you’re dead.”

Those words uttered by my dear old dad have peppered many of our conversations for as long as I can remember. 

And while I get the appeal to this pithy little dictum - toughen up, buttercup...rub some dirt in it...youth is wasted on the young - it started taking a toll on my wellbeing when I took the sentiment a bit too far. 

I like to learn from others’ mistakes before I screw up anything further on my own (spontaneous trips wandering into PetSmart and walking out with unplanned purchases aka pets, opting for a third helping of cruciferous vegetables on a second date, agreeing to help clean up a friend’s rotten watermelon in her kitchen - which nearly made me vom on the spot, swiftly - and acrylic nails, to name a few). So please, learn from my periodic moments of idiocy and heed to my newfound wisdom here.

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Taylor LogemanComment