Layers and Textures for Chilly Weather

Good morning friends! Winter O-F-F-I-C-I-A-L-L-Y had a moment last weekend, as all of DC woke up yesterday saying the same thing: brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The wind is cruel and cracks like a whip but my friends and I braved it to sit down at a coffee shop and crank out some work together.


In spite of the cold though, I refuse to give up on a cute outfit. Layering up is still possible and needn’t leave you looking like Randy from A Christmas Story. Choosing materials wisely - ones that don’t bulk easily but still pack in the heat - is key.

This turtleneck, for example, is one of Uniqulo’s pieces with Heattech, a feature that retains heat even in thinner fabric - and it’s only $15! And this vest is thin but made of down, and sometimes all I need to keep toasty. Tall boots like these don’t hurt either, and pair easily with thick, thigh-high socks underneath.

What are some of your favorite pieces that keep you warm?

Turtleneck 》Vest 》Skirt 》Boots (out of this color, but others on major sale!)

Taylor LogemanComment