Bevello Brand Shoot and Embracing Your Gifts


Embracing Your Gifts

Releasing What God Has Already Placed

Everyone has spiritual gifts. They are woven into the makeup of who we are, and God missed no one in knitting each of us together. That said, they are a gift, but it’s our responsibility to discover and cultivate those gifts to serve others and bring Him glory.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been more active and aware of cultivating those gifts - that’s on us to do for as long as we live! I love to write, and I try to pay attention to other hobbies and activities that really spark joy in my life, like practicing photography, styling outfits, learning new languages, and building a cozy home.

What are your spiritual gifts?

After I moved to Raleigh after graduating college, I came across the best little boutique in Cameron Village! Bevello, a retail chain scattered throughout the Southeast, offers great brands and a wide variety of price points and styles.

This whole outfit (except for the watch and the ring) came from bevello’s Winston-Salem store. Check them out!

✦ Jeans: Hudson ✦ Shoes: Dolce Vita ✦ Earrings: Sheila Fajil ✦ Watch: Michelle

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