Shimmer in Silver


Something about a charming city like Paris evokes the feminine out of its visitors. Jo Malone once described French women as “unapologetically feminine,” and what a way to be known. Even in the middle of winter, my time here flanked with snowy weather, Paris still rises - fresh, awake, and alive, ready to captivate all who come to see her.

Place Royale was built by King Louis VIII in the early 17th century and renamed Place de Vosges following the French Revolution - it’s an absolute darling square, and the oldest one in Paris. Nestled in one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city, le Marais, it straddles the border of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Place de Vosges was the vogue residency for the Parisian elite, remaining a fashionable feature of this trendy Parisian locale. Now it hosts more retail and still retains some of its residential quarters. The renaming took place in tribute toward the north-east region of Vosges, the first tax-paying region following the post-revolution government.

Its classic French style - coupling 17th-century architecture with art galleries and gourmet eateries - nods with nostalgia to centuries past in ways that only Western Europe can. I was tickled to learn that the square, in its earlier days, was once covered with sand, to house equestrian activities for aristocrats, hosted by the king. A statue of King Louis VIII stands in the center of the square. The original was destroyed in 1792 when the monarchy fell, and was not rebuilt until the early 19th century (as etched in stone, in French, in the base of the statue).


What better place for a dress like this? The elaborate fountains, manicured lawns, and militantly-trimmed shrubbery make you feel like an aristocrat that once strolled through its pre-French Revolution era. My absolute favorite shoes with these are nude heels, but February calls for boots, and I found these Sam Edelman thigh-high’s on sale on Amazon. No one needs to nix their dresses when it’s cold out - layering these thin, heat-tech turtlenecks are the best move for winter time.


Dress - Banana Republic

Boots - Sam Edelman

Turtleneck - Uniqlo

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