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Celebrating new opportunities following a graduation, open doors following a job promotion, or a new marriage at a wedding are tremendous milestones and worth some special commemorating. But largely, and ironically, isn’t it all the little pieces of each day that knit our lives together? I was reminded this week that those small things are just as special, in their own way.

When I stopped by the store to pick up this bouquet of roses, I thought of how lovely they’d look wrapped in brown paper, especially this vibrant shade of red. So I asked the sweet lady in charge of the flowers if she could. I wandered away to give her time to arrange it and when I came back, what she presented me nearly brought me to tears.

This woman, clearly deft of hand and gifted with an eye for this, had gone above and beyond to arrange my very own little floral display. She’d tied the roses in such a cascading fashion so that each bud of every size was in full view, tied neatly together in a bow with lots of festive string. It was delicate, and breathtaking, and my roses have since bloomed even more into fat little bulbs in their vase at home. I love them.

That wonderful woman likely has no idea how deeply her gesture touched me. She definitely didn’t have to put forth the effort the way she did, but she did, early on a Saturday morning for a stranger. Just the same, a kind word, a timely smile, a generous tip - knowing their impact matters far less than simply choosing to do it.

Who - and how - can you impact today?



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