I’ve been to New York a number of times, but last summer was my first visit to Brooklyn. At the time, my dear friend Charlie worked in Williamsburg, and he showed me the coolest neighborhood, ladled with funky art, foodie traps, and homemade artisanal shopping. Venturing outside Brooklyn, I found my way to Chelsea Market, a delightful sensory overload.

Surprises awaited around every corner in Brooklyn. While I waited for Charlie to finish his shift, I wandered around Williamsburg and found all kinds of activity alongside the Hudson River. Dirt mounds had been fashioned for a bike park, and several onlookers stopped to gawk at two stunt cyclists leaping up and down on each jump. Families, couples, singles, and their dogs were all over the riverside park, and a handful of pickup volleyball games played on with the New York skyline and the setting sun behind them.



My favorite in Brooklyn,

Taylor LogemanComment