New York at Christmas


In a 24-hour sprint the Saturday before Christmas, my mum and sister and I carted up to New York for a day of shopping. Every trip to NYC is always too short, but we had such a lovely time visiting in the middle of the holidays!

New York truly feels like coming home. In a throwing elbows on the sidewalk with 8 million cousins and siblings kind of way. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of the jolt of energy proffered to all its visitors and inhabitants, the sensory overload, the wave of scents and the people watching and I marvel at its way of manifesting nearly anything you might want in a given moment - a book, a hot dog, tickets to a show, a whole new outfit - can be in your hands in a matter of seconds. There is something for everyone here, for everyone to enjoy, and while it can be overwhelming to many, it’s a rush I might well crave until I’m ninety-eight.

Taylor LogemanComment