Georgetown: Greenworks Flowers

People who knew me when I was little definitely would have called me a tomboy. I was sporty, ran around playing soccer with the boys at recess, and even stuck my tongue out at anything pink! I swore I’d never marry and spend the rest of my life riding horses to my heart’s content, my parents listening patiently to my rant and rolling their eyes.

But now, at twenty-six, you could say my priorities have shifted! That includes my opinion of pink and flowers…and pink flowers? Today, years later, I think flowers belong in every occasion, especially on the windiest days in the bleak middle of winter when pops of color and pleasing aromas are the medicine we need to get us through January.

So what a find this was! Nestled in a quieter corner of Georgetown is Greenworks Flower Shop, on what’s easily the girliest block in Washington, DC.


JacketTurtleneckSkirtBoots (out of this color but others on sale!)

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