Union Station

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The first time I visited Union Station, I was frantically trying to catch a train to Raleigh, so sprinting through the station with my bags didn’t give me much of a chance to take it all in.

But it wasn’t until I revisited over the weekend when I realized I definitely missed out.

Opened in October of 1907, it was designated a landmark in 1964, but after years of substantial deterioration, Congress passed the Union Station Redevelopment Act in ‘81 and the facility underwent a major overhaul ($160 million) in ‘83.

Today, it's a city hotspot in DC, attracting travelers and shoppers alike throughout its massive array of retail stores, eateries, and coffee shops. The architecture is remarkable, with expansive archways outside its entrance, a newly-renovated Main Hall with more magnificent archways in the ceiling, and sweeping staircases inside.

There’s no doubt a place this grandiose has a way of making you feel quite small.


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