Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream


Oh sweet joy. I’ve been lololoooving 14th Street since moving to DC, so what better place would one of my new favorite ice cream shops be?

The first thing that hits you when you walk into Jeni’s is the aroma. I can feel my body absorbing the sugary goodness from just one big inhale! Visitors can enjoy the sweetest, warmest, sugary scent of homemade waffle cones. The next sensory treat is aesthetic: white brick walls, twinkle lights criss-crossing the ceiling (my favorite! I do this with clearance Christmas lights in my apartment), and lush pops of color. Around the corner and up the staircase, it continues…bright yellow wallpaper peppered with shells ahead, and on your left, the most exquisite statement frame wall you’ve ever seen. Quotes like “Flavors that Bloom” and pictures depicting every ounce of sweet decadence makes your mouth water for the yummy scoops you’re about to scarf down from your cup!

My flavor recommendations? Lavender, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and Goat Cheese. Yep, their Goat Cheese is exquisite, speckled with red cherries, and my new favorite.

Even in the wintertime, this became one of my favorite hangouts with my friends. Ice cream is timelessly yummy no matter what the season, but this place in particular brought delight and brightness to an otherwise dreary season, bereft of warmth and color. At a time when I was struggling to find inspiration to write, places like this jumpstart my creativity, and now I want nothing more than to go straight home and mimic the same vibe here in my own bedroom.

What kinds of places inspire you?



Taylor LogemanComment