Snow Day at Little Leaf

Little Leaf was one of those places in DC that I heard about when I first got here…and I’ve been hearing about it nonstop ever since. Now I’m their biggest advocate and have taken several friends there for their first time! This plant shop is cleverly maximizing all there is to be gained from this massive plant trend lately, and they’re doing it well: their instagram is poppin’ and they even have a little store mascot, a sweet little pug named Bronson.

It’s also a great place to take pictures, with skilled design behind their impressive variety of greenery, so for our last snow day two friends and I stopped in to practice our photography. These were a lot of fun to edit as well, with the challenge of finding which elements made each shade and color really pop out of every leaf, frond, and flower.


They do a great job sharing content on their Instagram stories, everything from tutorials to plant Q&A’s to announcements for new shipments. One day they posted a tutorial on how to separate a baby snake plant from its mother plant, and how to repot it. I watched it, looked at my own snake plant on my desk, and peered inside…sure enough, it had sprouted a new baby plant to the side that I hadn’t even noticed!!

To this day, I claim that as my proudest plant accomplishment. With their help I was able to do exactly as their instructions said, and now I have two snake plants livening up my workspace.

If ever you find yourself having an off day, stopping into Little Leaf will remedy any type of the blues. New scientific research shows us now that we have an innate tendency to connect with nature, a hypothesis called “biophilia.” It’s the foundational concept behind the Amazon’s Seattle Spheres, and it’s becoming a core component in contemporary workspace design.

Pay them a visit at 1401 S Street NW!

Pay them a visit at 1401 S Street NW!

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