The Wharf: A Waterfront to Remember

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Ten years ago - I’m told repeatedly by locals - DC neighborhoods looked very different. Some areas had little to boast of; others were not where you wanted to wander alone at night. So to move here at a time when several spots are experiencing a renewal of activity and attracting more visitors is definitely rewarding. I’ve relocated amidst a major glow up for several spots in the District.

One such spot is the Wharf. With a lively seafood scene, trendy restaurants, pubs, bars, concert venues, live outdoor music on Wednesday nights in the summer, a pier with a giant fire pit, colorfully-lit fountain displays, and luxury apartment buildings, the Wharf is the place to be this time of year.

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Nearly a year after moving here, I’ve decided it’s my favorite place in the city. I’ve enjoyed lovely date nights, concerts with friends; desperate hunts for burgers (thank you, Shake Shack); and catch up phone calls with friends as I sat on the pier, watching the water flickering moonlight and lamplight, steel drums music playing behind me.

It’s an absolute dream of a place, and with all the sensory liveliness unique to a waterfront area - including the fresh smell of seafood - it reminds me of the riverfront town in Maryland where I grew up.

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Ben & Jerry’s

Concert Venues

The Anthem

Union Stage (Their pizza doe…)

Editor’s Pick


Hank’s Oyster Bar



Whiskey Charlie

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